Friday, January 25, 2013

From 30 7 5 ... to 1 !?

While our elite leaders try to hammer out the details necessary to disarm a populace that is more interested in MTV's BUCKWILD and the FLOTUS's cool new haircut, this is where we will eventually end up!  Oh, they say that we don't need 30 rounds to fire from our "assault weapons," that 10 rounds will make us all much safer.  But then again, NY's governor felt that 7 rounds was a much more innocuous number to legislate down to his great constituency.  Somewhere on down the line, maybe in two or possibly four more years. Maybe after Hillary or possibly Joe "Bite Me" gets elected to lead our country because the GOP can't figure out that the only thing that's in the "middle of the road" is dead skunks and yellow stripes (which for many wearing the GOP moniker today resemble skunks with a big yeller stripe down their backs)!  All 2A supporters will be told that with 7 rounds, we may be too dangerous because that extra round or two (extra round for me because my 657 S&W holds 6) will make us a health and safety hazard, so we will get another elitist from one of the coasts to tell us we only need 5 rounds.  Then, another Democrat or two somewhere in our future will have the SCOTUS stacked with enough progressive minded supreme court justices to interpret our forefathers intentions that all we will have are muzzle loading smoke poles!!

Then... and only then, this will be what we will be forced to endure:

Samurai sword, crossbow and a gold-plated axe: Chilling array of weapons seized by police force in anti-violence crackdown West Midlands Police launch campaign aiming to end knife crime

Deadly haul: Thousands of knives have been put on display after being seized by West Midlands Police

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