Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Well, work has me on the road again.  I don't usually travel a lot, but this summer, since the first of June, I have been to Cincinnati/Covington, Nashville, and now Kansas City Missouri.  This is my first time to visit Kansas City, MO. and most people would say that if you've been to one city, you have been to 'em all.  I usually concur with that thought.  I have found the people of Kansas City to be very polite and nice.  There are many activities and eating places close to downtown that can keep us occupied.

We visited the Power and Light district in downtown tonight.  There was a small band playing and lots of people milling around.  Tomorrow will be a busy day of work related activities that will be requiring my time through most of the day, and it doesn't look like it will end until late tomorrow night.
Thursday night will be more relaxed with an option to attend a Kansas City Royals baseball game.  I don't know what the deal is with MLB games this summer.  I was offered the same free ballgame deal a couple weeks ago when I was in Cincinnati to see a Reds game.  Unfortunately, I have about as much interest in watching a baseball game as I have in attending an Anthony Weiner press conference.

I do have a nice view from my room overlooking the Bartle Hall and conference center and it's accompanying buildings.  I hope to have some pictures from around town to post later.

I did buy $20 worth of raffle tickets for a 2011 Dyna Super Glide that has been custom painted by Justin Barnes who paints bikes for OCC.  Funny thing about this is I have always been afraid of riding a motorcycle.  I'm sure my 5 tickets won't even be close to the top for the drawing.

Ya'll have a good week,
Blue Steel


  1. Why are you afraid of riding a motorcycle?

  2. I'm afraid of getting run over. Over the course of my life, I've had both arms broken, my right leg broken and my left foot broken 2 times. My granddad always used to sy that any time you crash on a motorcycle, your going to be the first victim in the scene. I would sure hate to be all broken up at the same time.

  3. You know all that shit can happen in a car or standing on a sidewalk if some drunkass mf'er comes rollin' past, right? The key is observation and defensive driving. You look at EVERYONE on the road as the idiot who will hit you. I've almost gotten creamed twice and both times, I avoided the accident but listening to my inner voice that says, "Watch that asshole right there, he's not paying attention." It's worked for me so far.