Saturday, June 4, 2011

Info Dump

I don't know if I will ever get the hang of regular blogging.  I seem to have so much going on that I don't have time to write things down, yet I almost always have time to read my favorite blog writers.  I guess lack-of-time is a good excuse to procrastinate, but it sure doesn't make for very exciting reading when post every "once in a blue moon."  I do have several things to mention, so I'll start in a descending chronological order.

Tomorrow, my work has me headed out of town for some required training.  The training is a requirement, but I don't mind it because I get to visit with some of my colleagues from around the state and there are sure to be some good stories shared around the dinner table along with adult refreshments at the end of the day.  The training sessions have always been held in a the relatively central location of Louisville, but this year, the training will take place in Covington.  This change of location will add about an hour and half onto my already three - four hour drive.  I dread it because the summer heat and humidity have moved in and stalled, giving us heat advisories for the next couple of days.

  Extreme heat has a way of finding the weaknesses in automobile components.  I would sure hate to have a breakdown between points A and B with 90+ degree temperatures and heat indices near 100, so I went and had a tune-up/oil change yesterday in preparation for the trip.
When I'm away from home and in a new area, I like to go out and explore the sites and activities just to kill time and enjoy the scenery.  Since it's going to be so hot and uncomfortable, I doubt I'll do much over the next 3-4 days.  The company presenting the training usually entertains us pretty well after-hours and one of the activities mentioned was a Cincinnati Reds baseball game.  I have just about as much interest in baseball as I have in being shot in the ass with brass tacks!

I do intend to try one of Cincinnati's well known eateries before I head back home.  I understand that Cincinnati is famous for Skyline Chili and Skyline makes some of the best chili that be had.  I like good chili, and I like to believe that I make some really good chili myself.  I guess I'll find out if Skyline has anything to worry about if I decide to start a chili parlor of my own!

Good fences make good neighbors

Earlier in the week, I had several honey-do projects that needed to get done.  As I was working my way down the list, I thought I would go ahead and knock out a few other tasks that I needed to finish, one of which was yard mowing.  In Kentucky, when the days and nights are both hot and humid, the fescue grass that is common in most rural yards grow so fast that you can wear a mower out trying to keep up.  I had all but finished mowing my yard when I had a breakdown.  Thursday evening after work, I repaired my mower and finished my mowing.  As I was about to but my mower away, my neighbor's nine year old son was waving and saying something, but I couldn't hear him over the engine of my mower.  I rode over close to him and shut down my mower and asked him what was up.  Now, my neighbors are the type of people that you really don't want as neighbors.  Let me give you a little insight into my neighbors with a simple bulleted list:

  • 6 dogs that live under the house.
  • 2 broke down vehicles in the yard
  • 140 combined IQ between the the adults in the home
  • 1 International tractor as the main source of transportation (because man of the house lost license due to DUI)
  • 3 packs of cigarretes smoked each day
  • 12-24 cans of bear consumed each day
  • 2 kids with 0 chance of breaking the  cycle of ignorance and government dependence.
This is as good of a picture as I could find to represent what their yard still looks like.
The boy asked me if I would mind mowing their yard since there mower had quite running.  I told him that I would mow his yard if he would pick up all the toys, tools, trash and other stuff that the dogs, kids, and parents had laying around so that I wouldn't tear up my mower in process of cutting their grass.  He said he would ask his mom ( who was sitting in the house doing who-knows-what) if it would be ok.  A minute later, the boy comes back out and says, "mom said you can come over tomorrow and mow, she doesn't want to pick the stuff up out of the yard now cause it's too hot."  I thought, "I don't mind helping people out, but I'll be damn if I pick up their messy yard just so I can mow it for them too!"  So, I told the kid, well, I'm mowing today, not tomorrow so I guess you'll have to wait.  

More to come, hopefully in smaller and more frequent posts,
Blue Steel

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