Monday, June 13, 2011

Flea Markets and High Explosives

 I admit that I have attended many a trade day and flea market in my time.  My grandfather and I have made many a step around the display tables of one man's trash and another man's treasure.  I have bought, sold, and traded several good and some not so good firearms at flea markets and trade days.  I bought my first Thompson Center Contender with a 14" heavy barrel .223 with a Leupold 4X pistol scope that still resides in my safe till this day.

I will admit that I am a bit of a flea market/trade day snob.  The only things that I was interested in looking at and trading on was either firearms, knife, hunting, or fishing related.  Used dentures, underwear, billy goats, or funnel cakes weren't even on my radar!  It amazed me what people would put on their table to sell, and I was even more amazed by what people would buy.

I guess if I was one of these guys, I would have made this purchase too, and for the low price of $5, they have a great story to tell for quite some time to come!

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