Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Cincinnati from the "Purple Bridge" walkway.

Back from my work update training in Covington, KY.  I got a chance to try the Skyline chili thing ... meh, I wasn't impressed.  This is a picture of my chili 5-way that I tried.  It looks more appetizing than it actually was.

Monday night, the company that was providing the training took a group of us out to restaurant in Newport that was quite nice.  Hofbrauhaus in Newport is a German style beer hall with what I assume is a traditional German style menu.  It reminded me of a more upscale German version of Hooters with young waitresses dressed in a Bavarian style uniform with their assets adding to the atmosphere.
I would recommend Hofbrauhaus if your ever in the Cincinnati/Covington area.

Yesterday, the company trainers held a session at the Kentucky Motor Speedway.  I'm not a big NASCAR racing fan, but was interesting to see the track and be in the pit area.

There wasn't many race teams there yesterday, but we did get a tour of the facilities with all the new updates that they are trying to finish before the next race date.  The track was recently purchased by a man who already owns seven other track around the country.  I could believe that the guy spent 19 million just on the parking lot.  That's mind boggling to me.

I can also say that I have actually driven around a race track.  The only exception to that statement is I was sitting in the second seat from the front of an old school bus loaded with 25 other guys. it only took us 3.5 minutes to complete the mile and a half track.  A big differnce considering that the track record is 221 mph in 24 seconds.

Try to stay cool,
Blue Steel

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