Monday, May 16, 2011

Home Again!

This is not a river or lake, it is actually a crop field.
 Since my last post, the rivers in my area flooded and rose to levels that hadn't been seen in this area since 1937.  The Ohio river crested in the area at 55 feet above flood stage.  My wife and were cut off from our usual routes to work due to water over the roads, which caused us to have to drive 40-50 mile detour.  This was an inconvenience for us at the worst, however, gasoline spiked to a high of $3.99 at one point during the last two weeks.  That created an instant drop in income for our family.  Fortunately, my parents live on the side of the river that wasn't disrupted by detours, so we went and stayed with them for the last 10 work days.
There should be corn at least two feet high in this field.
 Let me tell you, living back home was a serious shift back in time.  Except for Direct TV, it was like living at home in the 80's.  No Internet, little to cellphone service, a nosey and overbearing mother, a dad who would spend most of his time outside until being forced in by sunset.  It's been 16 years since I moved out and I can happily say unless another catastrophic flood occurs and the same time gasoline prices escalate through the roof, I believe I can wait another 16 years!
This picture is the flood water on the roadside coming home tonight.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad my parents welcomed us in to help save us lots of time and money for our work commute ... but jeesh my mom can still go from zero to nag in 2.5 seconds.

All last week, the flood water began to fall out, uncovering the roads to home and allowing to come back Friday night after work.  It sure is good to be home.  School has been out for the last two weeks, but it was back in session today.  My son was NOT happy.  He was under the impression that school was just going to stay out for the summer.  Unfortunately for him, they will be in session until June 3 and the instructional day will be extended by and hour.  

Again, we were very fortunate and only inconvenienced at the very worst.  There are many families who have lost possessions, homes, pets, crops and much more.  The worst part of the flooding is the fact that water runs down-stream, and all the good people living along the Mississippi river are now getting the excess water that we have been dealing with.  They are situated much lower than many of us in the hilly country here in Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.  

Before we all know it, it will be mid-summer, and it will be dry as a bone and we will be wishing we could get a little rain, just not a months worth in just a few days!

Ya'll have a good week,

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