Sunday, February 27, 2011

One Finger Wave

My wife and I have been slowly fixing our house up to get it ready to market and sell.  There was a home and garden show in the little town close to us this weekend, so we decided to go for a little while yesterday to see if we could get some ideas on what to do with our house and maybe meet a contractor willing to do some of the work that we aren't able to do ourselves.  As we were walking around the show, there were several booths that were there just for "filler," booths that sold silver jewelry, German roasted pecans, and such.  As I walked by a booth that had 3-4 women standing around all dressed in uniform-style khaki pants and black polo shirts, one of the ladies said, "excuse me sir," so I stopped long enough to hear her hook.  This is where things went terribly wrong, because what she said and what I thought she said was way different.

Lady at show: ( In a low quiet voice) "Sir, can I check your posture?"

Me: (confused, with a big grin on my dumb face) "I'm sorry ma'am, what did you say?"

Lady at show: "Would you like your posture checked?"

Me: (bigger grin on my dumb face) "Ma'am, I'm embarrassed to say this, but, can I tell you what I thought you said?"

Lady at show: (cautiously agreeing) "What did you think I said?"

Me: I thought you said, "sir, can I check your prostate!"

Lady at show: (now red-faced from embarrassment) OH NO, I don't think we want to do that!!!

Me: Absolutely not, there's way too many people standing around! LOL :-)

My wife was not amused by my interaction with this poor woman who was very concerned about my poor posture.  Other than that, the home and garden show was a major flop.

Ya'll have a good week.
Blue Steel


  1. The Queen is perpetually mortified by my interactions with others. It seems that I am intermittently intolerably rude to others. She doesn't seem to understand that it's all part of the service.

    Good luck with getting the house ready for market. The Queen and I are about to be doing the same. Hopefully, the real estate market has bounced off the bottom just enough to allow us to not lose all our equity.

  2. We are living in our "starter home," and it is in a lot of people's price range. The problem is, everything that we can afford, I wouldn't keep a rented mule in, and what we like, we can't afford. When I started my new job back in August, I was fired up about moving, not so much.