Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Few Pictures from the Kid Rock Concert on 2/18

Kid Rock out on the stage.
I took a few shaky cell phone pictures while at the Kid Rock concert.  I'm gonna have to get me a good little point-n-shoot camera to take to my next concert event.

Jamey Johnson Looks like he's pointing a pistol.

I am easily impressed, so I was drawn in to watching the propane fueled flame throwers on the stage and around the band.

 A couple of times, I thought that Old Glory might have ignited, but we were all reasonably safe.  There was some dude standing beneath the flags acting as a "fire watch."

I didn't get a picture of the lady who had already started the party before she got to the show.  My wife and I got to the show a little late, and we was rushing in to find our seats.  Our tickets had the section, isle and seat numbers listed, but it was so dark that after we found the section we was supposed to be in, we just grabbed the first 2 open seats that we found.  We we sat down, the lady to the left of my wife immediately hugged my wife around the neck and said in a slurry drunk southern voice; "I'm so glad you sat be me, your mind kind of people."  I thought my wife knew her, but nope, she was a complete stranger.  She was very anxious for Kid Rock to come out out on stage.  My wife said that she was graphically describing all the things that she wanted to do to Kid Rock and all the things that wanted Kid Rock to do back to her.  My wife said that at one point, the woman had her boobs out.  I missed that part of the show.

After the show, almost the entire arena headed to the local bars in downtown Nashville.  The police had Broadway blocked to all traffic.  It wasn't a very good picture but you could only see a giant wave of people headed down the street.

Saturday morning, after the train went through and gave us our wake-up call, we decided to get some breakfast.  We had been looking to forward to going to a place in Nashville that a friend of ours took us to once before called Loveless Cafe.

If your ever in Nashville and want to have some good southern style home cooking, try out Loveless Cafe.  It is a bit out of the way, but it is very easy to get to from downtown.  The first thing they bring out to your table is their famous biscuits served with fresh strawberry, peach, and blackberry jam.  It is almost a meal alone.

This is what I was hoping to enjoy after a late night of concert going!
Country ham, eggs, and homemade biscuits... a little red eye gravy and I would have been a happy man!

Unfortunately, I think everyone else in Nashville had the same idea and was wanting some good ham eggs just like we was, and there were people standing and waiting in line to get in.  I was too hungry to wait in a long line, so this is what we was able to get instead  :-(


Ya'll have a good week!

Blue Steel

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