Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Civil Discourse

I like to unwind when I get home by reading the online news, checking email, and then reading my favorite bloggers most recent posts.  I frequently see and read things that I find unusual, interesting, or relevant to my life.  As I was perusing Drudge report, this blurb caught my attention: NYC mayor conducts gun-sale sting in Arizona.  Here are a couple of questions that immediately came to mind:
1.  Why the hell is Michael Bloomberg concerned with gun shows/purchases anywhere besides his state of New York?
2.  (After reading the article) why the hell is selling a firearm or magazines from one private individual to another called/considered illegal?

Apparently, Mayor Bloomberg is involved in an organization called Gun Show Undercover whose purpose is to expose just how easy it is to buy things that are not illegal to buy in the state that I live in or most of the other states located in “fly-over” country with the exception of the Peoples Republic of Illinois.

I had to click on the link to watch the YouTube video of the terrible crime of a man actually purchasing 3 30+ round G19 magazines for $120.  I don’t see a problem, buy the way!!

After the video, I notice to statistics at the bottom of the page saying that they are FACTS about gun shows and gun crime with links to sources for the numbers posted.  I clicked on the link for the statistic stating that 81% of gun owners in a 2011 bipartisan poll support background checks for ALL gun sales.

After reading the survey, I wondered why they didn't call and ask me the survey questions?  I'm also very curious to know the location of the calling area of the survey, I doubt it was "bipartisan" area but I could be wrong.  If you have a little time on your hands to waste and never ever get back again, take a look at the survey questions.  I didn't know if I should have laughed or duct taped my head to keep it from exploding!

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