Sunday, February 27, 2011

One Finger Wave

My wife and I have been slowly fixing our house up to get it ready to market and sell.  There was a home and garden show in the little town close to us this weekend, so we decided to go for a little while yesterday to see if we could get some ideas on what to do with our house and maybe meet a contractor willing to do some of the work that we aren't able to do ourselves.  As we were walking around the show, there were several booths that were there just for "filler," booths that sold silver jewelry, German roasted pecans, and such.  As I walked by a booth that had 3-4 women standing around all dressed in uniform-style khaki pants and black polo shirts, one of the ladies said, "excuse me sir," so I stopped long enough to hear her hook.  This is where things went terribly wrong, because what she said and what I thought she said was way different.

Lady at show: ( In a low quiet voice) "Sir, can I check your posture?"

Me: (confused, with a big grin on my dumb face) "I'm sorry ma'am, what did you say?"

Lady at show: "Would you like your posture checked?"

Me: (bigger grin on my dumb face) "Ma'am, I'm embarrassed to say this, but, can I tell you what I thought you said?"

Lady at show: (cautiously agreeing) "What did you think I said?"

Me: I thought you said, "sir, can I check your prostate!"

Lady at show: (now red-faced from embarrassment) OH NO, I don't think we want to do that!!!

Me: Absolutely not, there's way too many people standing around! LOL :-)

My wife was not amused by my interaction with this poor woman who was very concerned about my poor posture.  Other than that, the home and garden show was a major flop.

Ya'll have a good week.
Blue Steel

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Few Pictures from the Kid Rock Concert on 2/18

Kid Rock out on the stage.
I took a few shaky cell phone pictures while at the Kid Rock concert.  I'm gonna have to get me a good little point-n-shoot camera to take to my next concert event.

Jamey Johnson Looks like he's pointing a pistol.

I am easily impressed, so I was drawn in to watching the propane fueled flame throwers on the stage and around the band.

 A couple of times, I thought that Old Glory might have ignited, but we were all reasonably safe.  There was some dude standing beneath the flags acting as a "fire watch."

I didn't get a picture of the lady who had already started the party before she got to the show.  My wife and I got to the show a little late, and we was rushing in to find our seats.  Our tickets had the section, isle and seat numbers listed, but it was so dark that after we found the section we was supposed to be in, we just grabbed the first 2 open seats that we found.  We we sat down, the lady to the left of my wife immediately hugged my wife around the neck and said in a slurry drunk southern voice; "I'm so glad you sat be me, your mind kind of people."  I thought my wife knew her, but nope, she was a complete stranger.  She was very anxious for Kid Rock to come out out on stage.  My wife said that she was graphically describing all the things that she wanted to do to Kid Rock and all the things that wanted Kid Rock to do back to her.  My wife said that at one point, the woman had her boobs out.  I missed that part of the show.

After the show, almost the entire arena headed to the local bars in downtown Nashville.  The police had Broadway blocked to all traffic.  It wasn't a very good picture but you could only see a giant wave of people headed down the street.

Saturday morning, after the train went through and gave us our wake-up call, we decided to get some breakfast.  We had been looking to forward to going to a place in Nashville that a friend of ours took us to once before called Loveless Cafe.

If your ever in Nashville and want to have some good southern style home cooking, try out Loveless Cafe.  It is a bit out of the way, but it is very easy to get to from downtown.  The first thing they bring out to your table is their famous biscuits served with fresh strawberry, peach, and blackberry jam.  It is almost a meal alone.

This is what I was hoping to enjoy after a late night of concert going!
Country ham, eggs, and homemade biscuits... a little red eye gravy and I would have been a happy man!

Unfortunately, I think everyone else in Nashville had the same idea and was wanting some good ham eggs just like we was, and there were people standing and waiting in line to get in.  I was too hungry to wait in a long line, so this is what we was able to get instead  :-(


Ya'll have a good week!

Blue Steel

Saturday, February 19, 2011


What an awesome Friday night!  My wife and I went to the Kid Rock concert in Nashville Tennessee last night.  I haven't been to very many concerts, but of the few that I have seen, this one was THE BEST!
I think Kid Rock is one of those entertainers that people either really like or can't stand.  I have always been "middle of the road" on him, he has some songs that I like and some I don't.  His persona is of over the top and cocky, but I have to admit that I admire him after seeing him live.  Before he even began the concert, he thanked all of our soldiers for their service and sacrifice for fighting securing the freedoms that we enjoy here in the United States.  I believe he even had some service men and women as special guests at the event.  Next, he thanked everyone who was in attendance by saying that with the state of our economy and how difficult is is for people to make ends meet, he was very grateful that the audience had spent hard-earned money to come out see the show, and he wanted everyone to get the best show possible for the money.  We did!

The show was opened by Jamey Johnson, who I had heard of, but I couldn't tell you a title of any song that he has ever sang.  He did a good job, but his musical style doesn't do much for me.  Each song he sang pretty much sounded the same.  After about 45 minutes, Kid Rock came out and started his show.  About 5-6 songs in, Trace Adkins came out with Kid Rock and they sang "Long Haired Country Boy" by Charlie Daniels.  They did a great job with that old favorite if mine.  About 5-6 more songs in, Kid started singing his song "Picture," and about two verses in, Cheryl Crow came out and sang it with him.  I like her contribution to the song (but I don't like her politics).

The whole show started at 7:30 pm last night, and it finished about 11:00 pm.  If you are familiar with the downtown part of Nashville, you know how tough it can be to drive around or find a place to park.  I decided to reserve a room in a hotel close to the Bridgstone Arena so we could easily park and walk to the venue, then after the show, we could walk back and stay the night.  The only hotel that I could get a room in was the Wyndham Union Station hotel, which is about 3 blocks from the arena.  I t was a bit pricey, but was a very nice place.
Its location couldn't have been any better for an easy walk to and from the arena. Union Station would be a great place to visit if you are into trains and historical value.  I thought it would be a nice change from the usual Drury Inn's that I try to stay in whenever we travel.

There is one downside to staying the night in a historic old train station located in the middle of city.  It seems that just because the station is no longer used in the railroad service doesn't mean that there are no railroad tracks and trains that still travel through Nashville ...duh on my part!
Here is the train that the nice Engineer was driving.  I'm sure he was required by some governing agency to blast the air horn for 2-3 minutes at 6:00 am!!

My butt is dragging this evening.  Will post more later.  Must get sleep!

Blue Steel

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sick as a dog!

How much mucus can a normal human produce?  I had a typical winter time head cold last week, but by last Saturday, it had progressed into full blown sinusitis.  I went to the local walk-in clinic to get some relief on Monday.  That was an ordeal all in itself.  I went to work Monday morning to get thing squared away so that I could go to see the doctor.  As I was driving in, a blizzard was hitting the Bluegrass state.

By the time I made it to the clinic, which is about a 50 minute drive from work, the interstate highway was covered in snow, side roads covered in snow, and cars, trucks, even snowplows where off the roads in various places due to the driving conditions.  I finally make it to the clinic, get signed in and called back for my exam.  The first thing that the nurse does is check my temperature and my blood pressure.

Now, I had fever and chills on Saturday and Sunday, but Monday no fever and temp was normal.  Blood pressure was another story, 159/112.  I don't know much about  what normal blood pressure should be, but I knew that was a bit high.  Apparently it was really high because the nurse said, "oh, that's not good, we HAVE to get your bp down right away!"

With the sinus infection, my head already felt like it was two sizes too big and was about to pop off my body anyway, I certainly wouldn't have noticed any hypertension symptoms.  The nurse brings me a pill and says, "take this and I'll be back in to re-check your bp."  I asked her if I was about the to stroke out and the only response I got back was a quick glance and no answer, which was very reassuring.  After about 10 minutes the nurse comes back in and checks my bp again, now it's 139/97.  This seemed to make her fell more comfortable about sending in the nurse practitioner who was still more concerned about my bp than what I was there for originally.

After a quick check, I am prescribed some antibiotics and told to keep a check on my bp and told to tell my personal MD if it stays elevated.  I say ok and leave.  By this time, there is about 4-5 inches of snow and roads are terrible, but I manage to get home in one piece.  I take my meds as prescribed and all seems well until Tuesday.  Get up Tuesday and take my meds as prescribed, once in am, once in pm.  No problem, until about 10 minutes after tablet goes down.  Instant stomach upset and things go severely down hill from there (I'll save you from the ugly details).  I feel like hammered crap all day Tuesday.  Tuesday night about bed time, I take the pm tablet, and about 10 minutes later, guess what happens?

Wednesday, back to the Doctor again.  This time my bp was high but not as high a before, and I actually get treated for my sinusitis with two injections in the ole' rump.  Today I feel better, not good, but better.

To add insult to injury, when I tell my wife that my blood pressure has been elevated through this whole ordeal, she says to me; "you know, high blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction."  We have been married for 15 years and dated for 8 years prior to marriage, and she has never been concerned about any of my dysfunctions, especially in that area.  What made her think that I wanted to hear that?  Talk about kicking a guy while he's down!

Hope everyone is having a better week than me.

Blue Steel

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Civil Discourse

I like to unwind when I get home by reading the online news, checking email, and then reading my favorite bloggers most recent posts.  I frequently see and read things that I find unusual, interesting, or relevant to my life.  As I was perusing Drudge report, this blurb caught my attention: NYC mayor conducts gun-sale sting in Arizona.  Here are a couple of questions that immediately came to mind:
1.  Why the hell is Michael Bloomberg concerned with gun shows/purchases anywhere besides his state of New York?
2.  (After reading the article) why the hell is selling a firearm or magazines from one private individual to another called/considered illegal?

Apparently, Mayor Bloomberg is involved in an organization called Gun Show Undercover whose purpose is to expose just how easy it is to buy things that are not illegal to buy in the state that I live in or most of the other states located in “fly-over” country with the exception of the Peoples Republic of Illinois.

I had to click on the link to watch the YouTube video of the terrible crime of a man actually purchasing 3 30+ round G19 magazines for $120.  I don’t see a problem, buy the way!!

After the video, I notice to statistics at the bottom of the page saying that they are FACTS about gun shows and gun crime with links to sources for the numbers posted.  I clicked on the link for the statistic stating that 81% of gun owners in a 2011 bipartisan poll support background checks for ALL gun sales.

After reading the survey, I wondered why they didn't call and ask me the survey questions?  I'm also very curious to know the location of the calling area of the survey, I doubt it was "bipartisan" area but I could be wrong.  If you have a little time on your hands to waste and never ever get back again, take a look at the survey questions.  I didn't know if I should have laughed or duct taped my head to keep it from exploding!