Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

I have had a busy week at work.  Tomorrow is going to be a wasted day with not much getting accomplished.  My usual daily routine will change tomorrow, and I don't like that!  So, I'm sitting here on the couch and just kind of vegging out.

I don't feel like cooking much or washing dishes, so supper tonight is a delicious southern meal known as fried bologna.  I liked mine, slightly browned 2-3 minutes on each side, served between two slices of white bread with a generous amount of yellow mustard.  Of course this fine samich is served and eaten directly from a piece of paper towel for practical purposes and easy clean-up afterwards.  For all of you out there who don't know about this fine southern cuisine, you are missing out.  I used to get these for lunch at a local store where they would slice you a piece of bologna about 3/8"-1/2" thick and fry it up just how you like.  It was awesome! :-)  I doubt you'll see the Food Network using this recipe on Iron Chef, but you just might see Paula Deen make 'em one day.

As I'm sitting here on the couch typing this quick post, enjoying my bologna and washing it down with a glass of tea, I'm also watching the Police Women of Dallas.  Now, as I read what I'm writing, I start to form a picture in my mind of what those of you who do read this little blog are thinking about me and social regression tonight.  Then I wondered what kind of picture you have in your minds about how this dude looks as he eats fried bologna and watches reality tv.

Does it look something like this?

"Life's a garden, dig it."  "You can't have no in your heart."  "Ya gotta keep on keppin' on."

Ya'll have a great Friday!

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