Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Pair, Two, Double, or a Couple

Good things come in groups of two.  Some are identical matches like Reece's Cups (which are favorites of mine).  How can you go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter, right?

Another pair of items that compliment each other and are almost always seen together and is a very common adult beverage that's very popular here in my area.  

In one of my last posts, I discussed what type of gun does most firearms enthusiasts look for specifically when they go to a gun show or their favorite sporting goods store.  K. Erickson commented and said that he didn't look for any particular model, but if it is handguns, he would want two of each.  This got me to thinking about some of my handguns that I have in my safe.

So, starting this blog has given me an excuse to take some pictures with my wife's new digital camera and show of some of the handguns I like so much that one of each wasn't enough.  I hope you enjoy these.  I know the writing and the pictures aren't up to the quality that you will find over at one of my favorite blogs Home on the Range, but I've been thinking about this post for a while.

In this picture, you'll see a couple of my favorites. Both are Smith & Wesson .41 Rem mag revolvers.  The one on top is 657 with target hammer and trigger.  I had Bob Mernickle to make the leather cross-draw holster for me about six years ago.  The holster is great, however, the spare tire around my waist has slightly expanded in the past six years causing the cross-draw ride too comfortably on the belt.

The revolver on the bottom is the Mountain Gun version of the 657.  I have a Mernickle high ride strong side leather holster for it.  I have used this fine revolver as my concealed carry piece many times.  I know it only holds six rounds, has many snag points to catch on clothing, and is bright and shiny, but there is something about a person intending to do me or my family severe bodily harm staring at the business ens of a big 'ole wheel gun that might encourage them to tuck tail and run home.

The next brace of pistols that I have are Springfield Armory XDm's.  I bought the first one, a used .40, and I liked the features and how it shot so well, that I went to Whittaker's and traded of a HK USP in 9mm for a new XDm in 9mm.  Now, some of you say, "what, are you nuttier than a squirrel turd for getting rid of that HK?"  Well, I tell ya, I thought that at first too.  But, after I compared the features of the two pistols, considered that it isn't recommended to fire cast lead through the HK, and the fact that the mag and parts for an HK are nearly double the price of an XDm, I decided to make the trade.  I will tell you that the XDm trigger straight out of the box is far superior to the HK trigger.  I also feel that the grip size and geometry on the XDm makes it a much easier pistol to control and fire accurately.  The grip on the HK is better than the Glock in my opinion, but the XDm has 'em both beat.

When I find a handgun that I like, I want to buy up and try as many calibers or versions that they have out there.  I liked the .41 S&W revolvers because they're just not common.  I like to have something that is a little different from what is out there.  There are a blue million .357's and .44 mags in the market.  But for almost every 10 of each of those caliber revolver that you see in a gun show or shop, you might find only one or two .41's.

The XDm's are gaining in popularity, especially now that a .45 ACP version is hitting the market.  But again, compare them to the amount of Glocks and even ole' man 1911.  I liked the .40 for concealed carry, but I found that to get super tight and consistent groups with cast lead, I had to light load it down to almost a 9mm.  So I decided to just go ahead and get a 9mm that I can try to do my target shooting with.

This post wouldn't be complete without one more tie-in to my title and keeping with the theme of pairs and doubles.  LL posted a picture from one of her past Halloween parties (I assume) over at Chromed Curses.  

So I thought it would be fitting to keep with the theme to show you one last pair that most been just can't seem to ignore.
Thanks LL for providing the cleavage for this post!
Can you believe that she has considered having those things lifted!  If she did, I don't think she would be able to breathe.  It looks like two bald men bumping heads!!  :-)

Blue Steel


  1. Excellent choices. I am partial to wheel guns myself although a matched set of 1911s is on the wish list. The prettiest pair I've seen personally so far were a matched set of 3rd gen. Colt Peacemakers with mother of pearl handles and some fine trigger work. Easiest wheel guns to shoot two fisted I've ever had the pleasure to shoot. I've only had one chance to shoot the XD, and I'm not sure I like it. Maybe I need another opportunity.

  2. I haven't tried the XD either, but I do recommend the XDm if you like plastic guns.