Thursday, October 28, 2010

My wife has had some surgery.  She has been having some issues for a while and had surgery yesterday  that will correct those issues.  We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 yesterday morning.  She was taken to pre-op at 8:15, surgery started at about 9:30, finished about 11:00, and was in a room by 1:30.  She is recuperating very well and will go home this afternoon.  She has had a shower, put on some clothes and is putting on some makeup. This will definitely make her feel better after laying around all day and night.

 I am not doing quite as well.  I'm still wearing the same clothes after 24 + hours, and I haven't washed or bathed anything except for my hands, face and hair since.  Ihad to sleep on a chair that converts out into a cot.  A steel bar in the chair frame was breaking my back all night, and now I feel like I need to be in a hospital bed.  I believe the chair/bed/cot combination is some sort of device that can be used along with water-boarding to get to-secret info out of terrorists!

I guess this isn't about my comfort though, right?

I have some pictures that I plan to post in another entry later on today.  It will be pertaining to shooting and gun porn will be a plenty.  I wanted to post it earlier this week, but schedule and a brief hospital stint has caused me to postpone.  

As for today, I'm going to continue taking care of my wife and enjoying our beautiful view from the hospital room.  What do you think they will charge us for a room with a view like this?
Room 202
Come back later for a gun friendly post.
Blue Steel

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