Friday, October 22, 2010

Moby Dick and Winchester

Do you remember reading about the Captain Ahab and his relentless obsession for the search of an enigmatic whale?

Rick over at Bullet Points is going to a gun show this weekend.  I almost always go to the local gun shows when they have them.  In fact, I used to go to gun shows so much that I ran into more friends and family there than I ever did at family reunions.  Rick mentions that he doesn't have anything in particular that he is going for, but he going to go prepared.  Now I know that we have a common trait.  That is going to a gun show with no intended purpose, but, just in case he sees his "white whale," he will be ready to bring it home.

Recently, I have gone to gun shows with no intentions of ever buying anything.  I have very specific interests when it comes to guns.  I don't usually settle, and I am never satisfied.  This must be a regressive trait that I have inherited from my granddad.  He was the same way.  He has owned, shot, sold or traded more guns than I can count.  

His white whale was a pre 64 model 70 Winchester rifle in .270 that he bought new just for the purpose of a mule deer and elk hunt in Wyoming that he went on back in the early 60's.  He came home telling his buddies the story of how he shot a mule deer off of a mountain ledge that was 600 yards across a valley from the mountain that he was hunting on.  I'm sure there was a little exaggeration in that story, but it got his buddies attention.  This story also got him some offers to buy that mule deer killin' .270.  My granddad was a great capitalist, and any time he had a chance to make some profit, he would take it.  This is how he let one of the best made rifles in America get away.  He was always on the search for that rifle, which he had a gunsmith to attach a little silver plate on the bottom of the buttstock with his initials JBF engraved on.

This got me to thinking, "What are the guns that I am always on the lookout for?"  Well, that's an easy answer.  I am a simple man with simple tastes.  Here is the short list of what I would buy and bring home if I saw for sale at a reasonable price, no matter what!

1. Model 12 Winchester -12 gauge, 30" full choke barrel, and a solid rib.  This describes the gun that my favorite great uncle always hunted with.  That old model 12 killed more squirrels and turkeys in Kentucky than you could pile in a wagon.

2. 788 Remington in .223 - I have owned just about every caliber 788 except for .30-.30 or .44 mag, but I never had a chance to own one in the .223.

                           3. Model 58 Smith  &Wesson - I want the old school 58, not a new one with the big ugly zit on the side plate.  (If somebody knows a big wheel at S&W, please convince them to stop putting that goofy-ass safety lock crap on their fine handguns)

And of coarse, I am especially on the look-out for that model 70 with the silver plate on the butt with the initials JBF engraved on it.  I have a home for it in my safe.

Tell me, what is your white whale of guns?


  1. Blue,
    I found your Model 58 at the gun show today. Nice gun in pretty good shape, yours for the low, low price of only 900-friggin' dollars. Yep, "$899.99" was what was on the tag.
    The same table had run-of-the-mill model 10's for $3-400.
    I don't know how bad you want one, but I'm guessing not that bad.
    Better luck next time, Ahab.

  2. I don't have any particular white whale(s). I just want one of each. Except for handguns. For those, I want two of each.